Ballot Measure 11 in Salem, OR

The state of Oregon issues a mandatory minimum prison sentence to certain crimes committed with no possible reduction in sentence. This law is called Ballot Measure 11. Attorney Suzanne Taylor helps those convicted of a Ballot Measure 11 crime and their loved ones.
High angle view of courtroom- Criminal Sentencing Reduction in Salem, OR

Crimes Under Ballot Measure 11

Crimes under Ballot Measure 11 in Oregon include:
  • Arson I
  • Assault I
  • Assault II
  • Attempted Murder
  • Attempted Aggravated Murder
  • Compelling Prostitution
  • Kidnapping I
  • Kidnapping II
  • Manslaughter I
  • Manslaughter II
  • Murder
  • Rape I
  • Rape II
  • Robbery I
  • Robbery II
  • Sexual Penetration I
  • Sexual Penetration II
  • Sodomy I
  • Sodomy II
  • Use of Child in Display of Sex Act
The minimum bailout for a Ballot Measure 11 is $50,000.

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