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Attorney Suzanne Taylor has been expunging criminal records for years. It takes a knowledgeable attorney to know whether an expungement will help you with your goal of keeping your record from the public.

Expungement Process

Most people believe that an expungement erases your criminal record. The truth is that is masks it and keeps it hidden from certain employers, but not the government and jobs that require a state or federal license. Defendants often times do not consider how can they can minimize or reduce the damage to their public record in the future.

It all starts with your individual case. Did you plead guilty or no contest to and how were you punished?
Before entering a guilty plea, there are many other exceptions to expungements you should know. If you plead to a felony charge and get state prison, then you cannot expunge your record. Secondly, you must complete probation successfully or have fulfilled all the terms of your probation if you are seeking to terminate your probation early. Any violations of probation can hinder you later from obtaining your expungement. Nevertheless, a violation of probation or a new charge while on probation does not automatically eliminate you from getting a criminal charge expunged.

When you apply for an expungement, the court is looking for a changed person. There are numerous other laws about excluding information from private employers, public entities and those jobs that are considered both.

Call Attorney Suzanne Taylor for your free consultation (503) 391-7664. My goal is to allow those who have admitted guilt the opportunity to change their life and free themselves so that they can provide for themselves and their families. Get your questions answered so that you know whether you can improve your life and make a change for the better. Don't be under-qualified for a job because you were judged from a conviction many years earlier and simply did nothing about it.